Cast Material Ingots

Oman Aluminium Cast (OAC) produces multiple sizes of horizontally cast Ingot for remelting purpose with particular focus on "specialized" foundry alloys.

Oman Aluminium Cast is capable of casting aluminum alloys with very low iron (Fe) and impurity contents. Depending on the customer's remelting technology, an improved yield of 1-2% (*) can be achieved compared to standard ingots due to reduced burn-off and dross.

Quality Tested

HDCC grade primary foundry alloys

Low Fe content of upto 0.06-0.12 wt%

Ultra low Fe possible upto 0.04%wt

Desired specification from primary to hypereutectic AlSi Alloys.

Refined or bright with Na or Sr

Dimensions 92.3*47.8 mm

Al99.7R/E, AlCu4Ti, AlSi5Mg1, AlSi7Mg, AlSi7MgCu0,5, AlSi7Mg0.6, AlSi9Mg, AlSi10MgMn, AlSi11, AlSi12, AlSi12Mg, AlSi12CuNiMg